Yorqin Nazarov: May there be more games like this

Yorkin Nazarov, head coach of our team, expressed his opinion after the match against “Surkhan” in the 9th round of the Super League.

– Two teams fought. Let there be more games like this. After conceding a goal in the first half, we had to attack more in the second half and scored a goal. I think we had more chances, but still 1-1 was fair for today’s game.

– In previous matches, “Lokomotiv” played a lower game in the second half than in the first. Today, the team fought in both halfs. What do you think caused the team to lose momentum in the second half in previous games?
– In the previous games, our trainings was different. After the match with Bunyodkor, there were 4-5 days for training. We decided to change the preparation even if it was less. We saw a change in the game today because the boys were more motivated. We have changed a lot of things, the agenda, the training schedule than in the previous games. If we make it to today’s second half, we will have achieved everything.