Aleksandr Stojmirovic: “It was a difficult match”

Opinions of “Lokomotiv” head coach Aleksandr Stojmirovic after the match against “Zomin” in the 1st round of Uzbekistan Cup.

– Today we conducted small experiments with players who have little game practice. We checked how they are in other positions. The game was more difficult than we expected. The young team resisted us well. In cup matches, you can’t expect anything in advance, everyone tries to show themselves. The games will be easier until we leave the group. We also have minor problems with injuries. There are many things that need to be clarified in this regard. Jasur Hakimov broke his leg. Now Ivan Bulatovich also said that he has a problem with his leg. Apart from that, Ivan Rogach also has problems. That is why it is necessary to make news. It is necessary to prepare for the next matches in the cup.

A big break in the championship is definitely a bit unpleasant. At such a time, it will be difficult to maintain the player’s physical condition and form. It is also necessary to constantly change microcycles. I hope that one day this will change in Uzbekistan. We will continue to move forward. The next match is against “Olympic Mobius”. They are also a young and dynamic team. Exiting the group should be done earlier. Of course, it will not be easy either. Then the last match with “Kyzilkum”. This will be the main inspection before the match against “Navbahor”. Then, finally, the championship games begin in May.