⚽️ The next opponent is Andijan. We will remember the matches in Tashkent

👉 “Lokomotiv” will hold the match of the 4th round of the Super League on April 4 at its stadium. On this day, “Railway players” will host “Andijan” at home.

⚽️ If we remember the matches held in Tashkent, the last time the teams played against each other was in 2021. Because “Loko” participated in Proleague last year, “Andijon” spent 2022 in Proleague.

17.10.2021 “Lokomotiv” – “Andijan” 2:2
28.02.2020 “Lokomotiv” – “Andijan” 2:1
04.04.2019 “Lokomotiv” – “Andijan” 4:0
08.08.2016 “Lokomotiv” – “Andijan” 3:1
10.05.2015 “Lokomotiv” – “Andijan” 2:0

🔥 Only one of the last five matches played in Tashkent was a draw, and “Lokomotiv” won the remaining 4 matches. The ratio of balls is 13-4.