Alexander Stojmirovic: “In the first 15 minutes of the match, we were able to show the game we wanted”

After the match against “Metallurg” in the 1st round of the Super League, the senior coach of our team, Alexander Stoymirovich, took part in the press conference.
– Hello everyone. What can be said about the game… First of all, you need to rest, then watch and analyze. It’s hard to say anything now with a burning brain. I can say that “Lokomotiv” has started a new project, which applies both to the training processes of the team and to the development of young people. Today, we put the youth on the field. In the first fifteen minutes of the match, we were able to show the style of play developed in the training sessions, until the end of the session we were reaching a high level. We played high-level matches against “Turan” and “Kuban”. We scored 3 goals in the last game, mainly after positional attacks. We knew that “Metallurg” will do well today. We went to their matches against “Jetisu” and “Orenburg” in Turkey. Players have a well-established style of play and know how to play. They also prepared for this game for a month. The strange thing is that after the first goal we started to defend. That was not our plan. We had to go forward and attack. Because we had no excuse to lie on the defensive. We knew that “Metallurg” would cause us big problems with long passes and fighting for the ball in the air. Because we play with small passes. The opponents looked stronger than us today in the center of the field. We knew all this. Even then, we had no reason to stay behind. It was like that. At this time, the guys themselves should analyze everything during the game and understand that they are organizing the game correctly. But we couldn’t reach our desired style of play, we couldn’t play a lot of passes during the game, we couldn’t organize positional attacks. This increased the number of fights for the ball on the second floor. We understood that there would be a mental game with “Metallurg” and we were not mentally ready for today’s game. We also made mistakes in the goals we conceded.
I congratulate “Metallurg” and my colleague Vesco with 1 point. His team is good, he prepared his team well for the game. We analyze the game, look at everything and just move forward. We will start preparing for the match against “Olympic”.