Denis Korostichenko: “It will be interesting to play against opponents who want to play football”

Denis Korostichenko, head coach of Lokomotiv, expressed his opinion after the match against Navbahor-Farm in the last round of the 2023 Pro-League season.

– First of all, I would like to congratulate the fans on today’s victory. No problem, they played well today. The game took place under equal struggles. Both we and our opponents had good situations. We were lucky and scored three goals. Both sides played well in the second half. Opponents could score again. I thank the guys for showing such a game. In general, we deserved to win.

– How did the Pro-League competitions go? Your impressions of the league.
– I told you before, it was not easy. We played against different teams. Some teams defend well, while others can keep score. Some teams wanted to play football and tried accordingly. Of course, it will be interesting to play against such teams. Because games are also played in open battles, more situations are created. Someone preferred defensive play. Therefore, it cannot be said that everything was easy. There were also difficult games. The main thing is that the task is completed.

– The team returned to the Super League. What goals has the club set for the team? What are the plans?
– We played the last game today. The management said that after this match there will be a meeting where everything will be announced.

– There were 11 teams in the Pro League this season. Doesn’t this affect the practice of the players?
– That’s right. The season ended at the beginning of November. Now we make plans for two months. Of course, there are very few games and I think there should have been more. Maybe it is necessary to make three rounds or last year’s 1st to 6th places should play each other again. At that time, the teams played 30 games. Maybe next year they will add games.

– The 2 most difficult matches of this season.
– The match at “Aral” field was difficult. In the second round, the match on the trip of “Dinamo”.