🎤 Manuchehr Safarov: “In every game I want to give an assist 🇹🇯 to Rustam Soirov”

Lokomotiv defender Manuchehr Safarov spoke about the final training camp.

– Manuchehr, the gathering in Antalya is coming to an end. How about a set?
– The training camp is going well. We’re playing control games. In training, we focus mainly on physical fitness. There are a lot of new players in the team. Through these control games, the coaches sought to make everyone one body and soul, to form a team.

– Are you satisfied with your actions in the team?
– Of course, every day we are adding and improving in all aspects. I believe that we will be ready for everything before the start of the season.

– What aspects does the head coach focus on in control games: physical condition, tactics or result?
– Basically, physical condition and tactics. But everyone knows that the result is most important. However, since these are control games, the result is not given much importance. The main thing is to be able to unite everyone for the sake of one goal.

– On the eve of this season, another Tajik footballer Rustam Soirov joined Lokomotiv. How many assists do you want to give him in a season?

– (Laughs) I actually thought I didn’t care. But now I want to give assists in every game so that Rustam scores a lot of goals. In general, it doesn’t matter who scores and who gives an assist. It is important to win and enter the Super League.