Alexander Stojmirovic: “It was a bit sad that the situation in the last minutes did not turn into a goal”

After the match against “Kyzilkum”, the head coach of our team, Alexander Stojmirovic, took part in the press conference.

– First of all, I should say that after three games in the championship, we had a break and went on a long journey. That’s probably why we couldn’t play in the 3+2 tactics we wanted. Sometimes the opponents gave us the opportunity to play faster. In the second half, we were able to show what we had worked on before the game. In the second half, we fully controlled the game. The opponents handled the ball well in defense and we didn’t give them a chance to go forward. During 90 minutes, the opponents managed to hit our goal only once. It was a little sad that the situation in the last minutes did not turn into a goal. However, this is football. “Kyzilqum” is a good team made up of good players. They are sure to be a headache for many opponents. The opponents played well, we were ready for everything. It was a good game. Coaches will enjoy this game and think about what needs to be changed. We were a little sorry. But we are happy that we did not concede a goal again. We did not lose even in the fourth round. We will start preparing for the match against “Andijan”. Tomorrow we will rest the team and then we will prepare for our home game for 3 days.