Mukhlisa Mardiyeva: “I will be a midfielder in the new season. I plan to score more goals and assists”

The start of the new season of the Women’s Super League is just around the corner. Mukhlisa Mardiyeva, who joined the team in the second half of the last season, talked about preparations for the 2023 season and work with the new head coach.

We remind you that our women’s team will travel to the “Bunyodkor-W” field in the first round of the new season. This meeting will be held on April 17.

– About preparation for the new season. Are you satisfied with your actions in the control games?
– Preparation for the season is going well. Working with a new coach and new teammates was a bit difficult at first. During the control games, we gradually understood each other. To be honest, I was not satisfied with my actions in the preseason games. I intend to work more on myself.

– Your thoughts about the new season. Isn’t it difficult to work with the new head coach?
– This season, the team has a serious goal – the top three. We will do our best to fulfill this task. In the beginning, we had a little difficulty working with the new head coach, Vahid Kholboyev, because his demands were higher. God willing, if we follow the instructions of the head coach correctly, we will occupy good places.

– In 2023, you will play at number 7. How many assists do you want to record under this number?
– I will spend this season as a midfielder. More goals and assists than planned. The main thing is to help the team in victories. Everything is in our hands, if we go to every game with great passion and character, we will definitely win. We want to enlighten the leadership of Lokomotiv PFK, the head coach, who supports us. I wish my teammates good luck in the new season.