Denis Korostichenko: “Playing against Lokomotiv gives great enthusiasm to opponents”

– Hello everyone. It was a difficult game. “Aral” team came here with strong enthusiasm. They showed their fighting character. My players also played well. Our goalkeeper saved us in the penalty situation. We are not satisfied with the game in the second half. We will consider it, analyze it, draw a conclusion. We played well in the first half, created chances, scored only one goal. We have won, I congratulate everyone, I also congratulate the fans and the staff of the club.
– The head coach of “Aral” team said at the press conference that a draw would have been a fair result, “Lokomotiv” did not show the game I expected. Do you agree with this idea?
– If we consider the second part, maybe. I agree with Nematulla Kuttiboyev’s words. However, in the first half, we could have finished the game. There were situations in the second half as well. We could have scored a goal. In general, the game was a draw. But we won. Luck was on our side. All our players tried and we won.
– Can “Lokomotiv” fans, the fan club inspire the players?
– Of course, every fan who comes to the stadium can influence the game and the players’ mood. The boys want to play under the packed stands. We are working for this, we are striving to improve the quality of the game and the result. I would like to say that I want the fans to always be with the team. The mentality of the fans is also different. Someone starts looking for the negative side when the team loses. It would be better if the fan who came to the stadium was with us until the end, both on a difficult day and on a victorious day.
– Is it possible to name the goalkeeper as the main person who scored 3 points in today’s game?
– Of course, it will be. Abdumavlon returned the penalty. There will be important situations in the game: penalties, free kicks, saves. The goalkeeper gives his strength at this time. In turn, this is his victory. He gave everything for this.
– Abdumavlon Abdujalilov is compared to Kepa Arrizabalaga in the Uzbek press. Which goalkeeper do you liken him to?
– To Abdumavlon Abdujalilov. Kepa… He is a different goalkeeper. Abdumavlon Abdujalilov is our goalkeeper.
– Before the start of this season, fans predicted that “Lokomotiv” would win each match with a score of 3:0 or 4:0. How do you feel about this idea? How would you rate the overall level of the Pro League?
– Pro league teams have never had it easy. Secondly, I said it at the last press conference. We are a Super League club and that’s why opponents play against us with great passion. If “Aral” plays with “Andijan-SGS”, for example, it will be different football. With “Lokomotiv” they now play with higher concentration. There will be a stadium, television and attention. We also took this into account, there is no easy team in the Pro League. All our games are difficult. We also want to win every game and return to the Super League. For example, today was not easy either, we won and got 3 points. There are also such games. If we had scored two or three goals in the first half, maybe it would have been 3-0. For example. In the second half, the opponent went down 0-3 and we don’t know how they will play. Maybe he throws the game away, and then the score is 4-0 or 5-0. If the score is 1:0 or 0:0, the fight will continue until the end. It’s not easy for anyone in the Pro League.
– If we take into account the plan at the beginning of the game, what is similar and what is not similar?
– There were more dislikes than likes. According to the plan, we had to play more in the area that the opponent opens up. But we didn’t know how the opponents would play. We watched their games and drew conclusions. It was difficult to predict the performance of the opponent who played against “Lokomotiv” on the trip. Maybe he could play defensively. It helped us to get out of our own penalty area. If they pressed, we would have open areas. We could not use this method in the first half. I don’t know if there was a lack of strength in the second half. Things didn’t seem like it.
– Were the substitutes able to improve the game?
– They also tried. But we wanted more.