🎤 Denis Korostichenko: “Andijan-SGS has a lot of young people and talents. Their beautiful games and victories are still ahead.”

🚂 “Lokomotiv” head coach Denis Korostichenko expressed his thoughts after the match against “Andijan-SGS”.

– First of all, hello to everyone. First of all, I congratulate everyone – players, coaches, employees of our club – on the victory. I think we kept the initiative completely in our hands. We tried to implement all the plans we had in training.

Sometimes it looks like it, and sometimes it doesn’t. The result is fair, we deserved to win. “Andijan-SGS” has a lot of youth and talents. Their beautiful games and victories are yet to come.

– Although your team scored a lot of goals, it could not take advantage of many opportunities.
– This is the first game, but no one is excited. Since it was the first match, we were in a bit of a hurry. This must be the reason.

– Which teams do you want to return to the Super League?
– First of all, we have to return. But at the same time, we will follow all the games.