Photo presentation from “Lokomotiv” at the railway museum

“Lokomotiv” PFK will use Jako sports clothes in the new season. Today, the players of our team visited the “Museum of Railway Equipment” belonging to JSC “Uzbekistan Railways” and took part in the photo presentation of the new uniform.

Players Marat Bikmayev, Oleg Zoteyev and Islam Qabilov and goalkeepers Abdumavlon Abdujalilov and Rustam Nartajiyev took part in the photo presentation.

We found it necessary to hold this year’s photo presentation in a special style, that is, in the museum of JSC “Uzbekistan Railways”, the main sponsor of “Lokomotiv” PFK. Because this is also a novelty and we hope that our fans will like it.

“Lokomotiv” will try hard to please all “Lokomotiv” with their game and positive results in the new season.

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