The 2023 Pro League will begin with an away match against Andijan-SGS ✅

The draw for the Pro League 2023 season took place today. According to him, in the first day we will take the field against Andijan-SGS.


The sequence of games of the first round of Lokomotiv in the new Pro-League season-2023 has also become clear. The dates of the games have not yet been announced ❌

1st day
“Andijan-SGS” – “Lokomotiv”
3rd day
“Lokomotiv” – “Aral”
4th day
“Khorezm” – “Lokomotiv”
5th day
“Lokomotiv” – “Dinamo”
6th day
“Kokand-1912” – “Lokomotiv”
7th day
“Lokomotiv” – “Qijduvan”
8th day
“Shurtan” – “Locomotive”
9th day
“Lokomotiv” – “Mashal”
10th day
“United” – “Locomotive”
11th day
“Lokomotiv” – “Navbahor-Farm”